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Why everyone needs an environmental management system

How do you know if a business is sustainable? One of the things to look for in a sustainable business is a well-functioning environmental management system (EMS). An environmental management system is one of the key things to look for when assessing the sustainability of a printing organisation. In our view it separates the talkers from the walkers! An environmental management system is a bit like a health and safety system. It is one of those things that you just have to have in order to do business responsibly. In fact, many environmental management systems like ours include health and safety! The key benefits of a systematic approach to environmental management are:

  • Business processes can be aligned to global best practice
  • Environmental outcomes can be monitored and tracked
  • Environmental practices can be independently audited and certified

As a result of our environmental management system, Excel Digital is able to monitor and report on environmental impacts. You can read our sustainability report for our financial year 2021 here.

Toitū Enviromark Gold

Excel Digital is a Toitū Enviromark Gold certified organisation. Enviromark is a programme run by Toitū Envirocare designed to align business practices to the practices outlined in ISO14001. The Toitū Enviromark Gold programme delivers the practical benefits of international certification in an accessible format for New Zealand business. Certification for Toitū Enviromark Gold is achieved by way of an external audit conducted yearly. The programme uses a reduce, reuse and recycle approach to environmental management and is one of the most widely recognised environmental certifications in New Zealand. Toitū Enviromark Gold certification has become the industry standard for the printing industry in New Zealand. While there are other approaches, we think this is the one to look for!

Benefits of Toitū Enviromark Gold for our customers

The Toitū Enviromark Gold Certification has many benefits for Excel Digital customers including:

  • Assurance that Excel Digital has a robust Environmental Management System in place
  • Assurance that Excel Digital is committed to continuously improving environmental outcomes
  • Specific environmental statements available based on a customer working with Excel Digital
  • Alignment with an organisation that values sustainability