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Excel in PRINT

Optimise your print supply chain

Excel Digital redefines the print supply chain.

We’ve noticed it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to create, coordinate and deliver printed communications to their customers. Our customers work in highly complex environments where delivering individualised materials to the right people is a must. For many of these customers their print supply chain is made up of various stakeholders and providers both internally and externally. However, these stakeholders are often not rowing in the same direction leading to friction and an overinflated supply chain.

We take an end-to-end supply chain approach like no other provider in New Zealand. As a privately owned business we bring a can-do, solution-focused approach to the marketplace. In 2019 Excel Digital merged with the Perception Group to become one of the largest digital-first, cut-sheet printing companies in New Zealand.

Connect with your customer’s customer

We flip the print supply chain on its head. Starting with the customer’s customer we use design thinking to redefine how communications are delivered to them.

Together, we redefine the print supply chain for our customers so that they add value for their customers at each step of the way. As a result, our customers enjoy working with us and deliver communications that are on-brand and effective.

We enable our customers to decentralise their print supply chain activity out to stakeholders while maintaining centralised control over data, resources, costs and brand.


Automating your print supply chain

Technology plays a large role in supply chain success. Together with our customers we have developed a technology platform that enables automation of their print supply chain reducing time, cost and manual processes.
Each step of the supply chain takes a technology-first approach, from data-driven decision making through to streamlined artwork production, online ordering and approval processes, print production, warehousing, delivery and re-order.
Adopting a digital approach means our customers understand and control their supply chain, individualise the user experience for their staff and customers and produce highly effective communications.

Excel for OTHERS

A community approach to business

Our relationships with customers go much further than a provider-customer relationship. We truly seek to get to know a customer’s industry and support the great work they do across New Zealand. As a result, Excel Digital actively supports industry in New Zealand through corporate and industry sponsorship as well as supporting local community groups and social causes.
Becoming ‘part of the sector’ is one of the ways that we can dive deep into our customer’s worlds and really understand their business needs.

Supporting sustainable growth

At Excel Digital we recognise that sustainability has many facets. First and foremost, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. It is the right thing to do and just makes great sense! At the same time, we seek to provide an environment where staff are valued and are offered opportunities for personal growth, training and development.

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Mark O’Grady, CEO and Owner

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