Digital Printing

As one of the largest cut-sheet digital printing companies in New Zealand, we produce on-demand printing for organisations at scale.
Digital printing is the future of print. It’s no longer about mass production – it’s about mass customisation.
Consumers now expect personalised communication in all media channels. Digital printing offers our customers the flexibility they need to achieve this.
Our digital print platform enables customers to produce small volume print runs through to large, high volume runs. This creates a flexible print solution for their needs.
Shorter runs of smarter print through an on-demand service – that’s the future of printing we see in New Zealand.

Managed Print Services

Our team has the ability to deliver any print project you need, no matter the scale.
We partner with some of the largest printing brands in New Zealand and some of the most niche providers in the industry to deliver a wide range of managed print services for our customers.
Managing the complexities of different printing methods requires specialist skills. We are proud to have a team that has the knowledge and experience to enable this for our customers.


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Complex Order Fulfilment

Our business is built around complex fulfilment. Our customers are unique, and each has a unique set of distribution requirements.
Data-driven digital printing increases the complexity of order fulfilment. We have the experience to manage complex print orders and deliver the right materials to the right person, at the right location, at the right time. Our wrap-around production approach, combined with automation, systems thinking, and teamwork, makes this possible.

Inventory Management,
Warehousing and Distribution

Customers who have a high demand for print often need a tailored inventory management approach. Some printing is best done on-demand using a digital printing ‘just in time’ model, while for other applications printing in large volumes and managing the inventory makes the most sense. We work with our customers to develop tailored solutions based on their needs including warehousing, storage and product distribution.
We believe in a flexible approach to inventory management. Our team can help customers reduce large amounts of wasted stock and help them transition to smaller, frequently replenished supplies of stock that are monitored and managed well. Our approach is underpinned by our management systems and our in-depth knowledge of customer workflows.

Online Platform

Our customers need an end-to-end view of their print supply. We have a flexible online platform that underpins their experience. Each of our customers is unique and has their own needs and expectations – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our online platform has been designed to be tailorable, meaning our customers can choose the right systems and tools for their specific needs.
Customers are provided with a holistic, end-to-end view of their entire ordering process, giving them back the control over the process, brand, and spend that is often lost throughout the print journey.
In-house IT and Development
We have a dedicated team of developers who focus on maintaining our platform and systems. This enables the flexibility our customers need and means we can provide continuous system and process improvement for them.
Brand Management Technology
One of the many tools in our online platform is Procure, a brand management system. Controlling a brand across a large organisation can be challenging – that’s why we’ve created Procure, an online tool for brand management and product ordering.

Graphic Design

Designing for print can be a tricky task – that’s why we have a studio team of designers who can
help bring your print projects to life.

Designing for CMYK Plus

In 2020, we installed the first Iridesse Production Press in Wellington. Traditionally, digital printing presses have been limited to the CMYK colour palette. However, with the industry-leading technology of the Iridesse, the colour palette has been extended to include metallics, solid white fluorescents, and spot colours. The Iridesse breaks down the barriers of what was previously thought possible with digital print, and enables new design possibilities in colour and metallics.
We have a dedicated customer education programme on designing for the Iridesse and digital print.

Supporting design talent

As a New Zealand-owned company, we recognise the importance of design and the role we play in fostering design talent right here in New Zealand.
We partner with the Whitireia Foundation to provide financial support to a Māori or Pasifika student enrolled in any of the below programmes:
  • Graduate Diploma in Publishing (Applied)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 5)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6)


We believe that innovation is a mindset - a way of thinking that is infused in all aspects of our business.

To us, innovation is much more than recommending helpful changes or improvements to how your products are produced. We innovate by thinking differently about the problems our customers face and by finding solutions that maximise efficiency and effectiveness.
We invest in the latest printing technology to bring new approaches to our customers and the New Zealand market.
We have a unique approach to print ordering that uses data and automation to streamline the process. Our staff are constantly questioning the status quo – a culture that is actively encouraged by our leadership team.
We innovate for our customers right across their printing journey from their print ordering process through to design, manufacturing, and distribution.
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