We focus on sustainability, flexibility, and finding new ways of doing things – and we work well with organisations that value these things as much as we do.

The majority of our customers are medium to large organisations across New Zealand. We service customers in Government, Industry Training, Franchises, Not for Profit and Real Estate, as well as other commercial customers.

Government organisations have a significant need for printed communications and need to be able to effectively communicate with all members of the public.

We help enable Government organisations to manage their entire printed communication needs in a streamlined, stress-free, and sustainable way.
The public sector is leading the way in reducing carbon emissions in New Zealand. We understand the emissions reduction journey, as members of the Toitū Carbonreduce programme.

Training organisations have some of the most complex printing needs in New Zealand.

We have a unique printing approach for organisations in the vocational education sector – and have partnered with some of the largest training organisations here in New Zealand.
Our in-depth understanding of the training sector, learner, and assessor needs means that our customers can use our services to create customised learner experiences. We automate the print supply chain and help our customers deliver their national training resources at scale.

Franchise relationships are unique – as are their printing needs.

At Excel Digital, we’re able to provide solutions that help franchisors navigate often complex franchise dynamics, and deliver print results that work for all.
By partnering with national franchise brands, we are able to help them effectively deliver print and marketing solutions that are brand-aligned.
At the core of this experience is Procure, an online tool designed to help franchise brand management and ordering processes.
Excel Digital is also an affiliate member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ), and a regular sponsor of FANZ events.

Not for profits often rely on printed communication to engage their members and the communities they serve.

We focus on building and maintaining relationships with not-for-profit organisations so that we can ensure a stress-free, seamless printing experience for them.
We deliver national and regional printed communications, in a cost-effective, efficient way.
We are also an affiliate member of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ), and a regular sponsor of FINZ events.

Real estate businesses have a significant print demand – which means that having a simple process for ordering print is key.

We’re able to manage the production and distribution of all the print requirements brands have – corflute signage, listing and promotional materials, and marketing collateral.
We work with brands to help simplify and automate their printing journey – leveraging technology to reduce their costs and streamline their process.

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