The Real Me

The other day I received a promotional flyer from a national supermarket chain, but it advertised products of absolutely no interest to me…

The other day I received a promotional flyer from a national supermarket chain. This flyer was addressed directly to me and my name was scattered throughout the text, like confetti at a wedding.

The sender of the flyer was the owner of the local supermarket where my wife and I normally do our weekly shopping. At the bottom of the flyer in small print was confirmation that I was targeted for this piece of advertising because of the data collected about me from the shop’s loyalty card.

So far so good: the supermarket owner knows that I am a local that regularly shops in their supermarket, so they send a personal letter to me. Very nice!

At the bottom of the flyer was a tear-off portion with six special offers. The six products on offer were: nappies, chippies, orange juice, shampoo, chocolates and white bread.

But, here’s the rub . . .

These products are of absolutely no interest to me.

I would just as readily buy cat food (I am not a cat lover) as I would most of these products. In fact, I can’t remember when I last bought any of these items (Actually, as my only son is now 10, I can give an educated guess that I haven’t bought nappies for almost a decade).

Through the loyalty card, the supermarket has so much information about me that they could paint a fairly accurate picture about my life, yet they chose to ignore my purchasing history. If their intention was for me to make a special trip to their supermarket clutching my torn off vouchers, they completely failed.

Why did they not tailor their offer around my shopping habits? They know that I drink Sauvignon Blanc, eat bananas and own a dog. It really would not have been difficult to create a marketing campaign that included specials that were relevant to me. I strongly suspect that if they had, their conversion rate would have shot through the roof.

The future of marketing is 1:1 and it’s great to see that the supermarkets understand this. But this example shows that some still don’t quite get it.

If you are going to carry out a 1:1 campaign, don’t dip your toes into the water: dive in!