• Harcourts
  • Print production
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery solutions

The challenge

As one of the largest real estate franchise groups in New Zealand, Harcourts has over 20 offices nationwide that need to be supplied with promotional, marketing, and corporate stationery materials. As a real estate brand, they rely heavily on their promotional and marketing materials, which have different turnaround timeframe requirements for delivery, ranging from same-day, to 3 – 5 days. They wanted to consolidate their supplier base and needed a solution that handled manufacturing, inventory management, logistics, and warehousing.

The solution

Excel Digital partnered with Harcourts to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end solution from ordering through to delivery. A key component of this was moving Harcourts from a centralised supply model, where everything was ordered by one marketing team, to a decentralised supply model, where ordering was shared across users in different offices. Additionally, Harcourts wanted to consolidate their supplier base down to one major print provider, in order to create time savings during the ordering process and optimise the delivery of the materials to offices – which, with Excel Digital’s capabilities, was able to be achieved.

The result

By using Excel Digital’s online ordering portal, Harcourts can have multiple users place orders at once, while personalising and customising their print materials as they need – while still maintaining a brand consistency across all products. Additionally, materials that were previously packaged in plastic are now wrapped in paper, and included in our end-of-life plastic recycling initiative, and improving Harcourts’ sustainability.

The Excel Digital Difference

For Harcourts, we used our agile, wrap-around customer approach, whereby instead of viewing the print process as siloed disciplines, we looked at Harcourts process in its entirety, to ensure we were delivering quality work at each stage. Additionally, it has also enabled us to focus on continuous improvement and innovation for Harcourts across process and product. We developed a streamlined ordering process for the team, and developed new process automations to increase the speed of artwork creation and print production. We also continuously work with the team to create new product innovations to enable cost reductions in their printing.