• Print production
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery solutions

The challenge

As the largest provider of construction trade apprenticeships in New Zealand, BCITO is responsible for producing and providing large numbers of training and promotional materials, across multiple qualifications, nationwide. With 16,000 apprentices enrolled in 17 major qualifications and multiple sub-qualifications, delivering the right material, to the right trainee, and in a timely fashion, is crucial for BCITO – and they needed a manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery solution.

The solution

Excel Digital partnered with BCITO to develop and implement a manufacturing and distribution\model that would enable quick turnaround times of printed training materials to new trainees.Using our online tool, a innovative, tailored ordering model was created for BCITO that fully integrated with their Learning Management System, enabling a data feed of new trainees, and their corresponding training material needs to be received daily by Excel Digital. Once the printed materials are ready, they are packed together with other training resources, such as beanies, tape measures, and pencils, and courier to the trainees. The delivery process is managed by Excel Digital, including assisting with any tracking or redirection requirements.

The result

A complete, end-to-end process that enables BCITO to effectively deliver their training resources nationwide, at scale.

The Excel Digital Difference

Alongside delivering printed training materials, BCITO has partnered with Excel Digital over the years to deliver innovation in their processes and products, in order to decrease their operational costs, while increasing the value of the products they deliver. By identifying the opportunity to integrate BCITO’s Learning Management System with the Excel Digital online ordering system they were originally using, the administrative ordering process was fully automated, reducing BCITO’s workload, error rates, complexity, and operational costs. We also collaborated to redesign how carpentry resources – which were traditionally delivered in polypropylene cases -– were stored over the life of an apprenticeship. We created a custom, branded chequer plate aluminium toolbox, that was both more robust, and more sustainable.