Paper is a sustainable choice

Paper is a true renewable resource and can be a sustainable choice for those wanting to ‘go green’ or reduce their environmental impact.

Paper is a true renewable resource and can be a sustainable choice for those wanting to ‘go green’ or reduce their environmental impact. Around New Zealand many companies have joined the paperless office trend. There is an implicit assumption that digital media is more environmentally friendly than print. At Excel Digital we see paper as being part of the environmental solution rather than the problem. Here are some pointers that will help you disseminate fact from fiction and enable you to make informed choices about your paper use.

Paper pointers

Here are a few facts showing how using paper can be an environmentally friendly choice:

  • Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world
  • Paper is made from wood, a truly renewable resource
  • Forest certification ensures we can make informed choices about the paper we use
  • The paper products and printing industry is one of the lowest industrial greenhouse gas emitters

The impact of choice on our environment

As consumers and businesses, we have the power of choice. Choice means that it is us who have the power to influence outcomes around us. Businesses can choose to adopt sustainable practices, and consumers can choose to make environmentally conscious purchasing decisions. Choice becomes the key to answering whether we should adopt digital media over paper. Rather than favour one above the other, the answer lies in choosing a product or provider who has a sustainable mindset and is focused on reducing their environmental impact. Like any industry the printing industry is conscious of the impact its practices can have on the environment.

Checklist for choosing a sustainable print provider

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a print provider:

  • Do they have an environmental policy?
  • Do they actively engage in practices designed to reduce their environmental impact?
  • Do they have environmental accreditation?
  • Do you know where their paper comes from and does their paper have environmental accreditation?

Excel Digital and sustainability

At Excel Digital we only select paper from suppliers who demonstrate their paper is from renewable resources. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through waste reduction and through adopting sustainable practices. Our production facility engages in large scale recycling of production materials and products. Excel Digital is also an Environmark Gold Certified Partner.

Further information

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