National fundraising – A changing landscape

Nonprofit fundraising in New Zealand.

Recent discussions I’ve had with nonprofit organisations across New Zealand show that the fundraising landscape in New Zealand is changing dramatically. The landscape is changing but the principles of fundraising are not. Donors are still willing to give time and money to make an impact in the lives of others and society in general. What is changing is the way donors expect nonprofits to communicate and interact with them.The strategic challenges facing nonprofit organisations include:

  • Rising costs of postage in a world where posted direct mail has been the backbone of fundraising success
  • Financial institutions ceasing to offer and process cheque payments which have traditionally been a major channel for fundraising donations 
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) impacting how nonprofit organisations gather, store and use donor data and information 
  • Rising ages of donors revealing that nonprofits have a majority donor base of older donors and struggle to attract younger donors 
  • Capturing all interactions with contacts to convert them into donors 
  • Conversion of current one-off donors into regular givers using direct debit processes 
  • Communicating with donors in the right way using the right channels in a multi-channel, physical and digital environment 

Nonprofit organisations must align their marketing and fundraising strategies with donor expectations. Donors expect to:

  • Know how their personal contribution is connected to the impact an organisation has 
  • Be thanked and acknowledged for their personal contributions
  • Understand how to make payments in the most convenient and secure way possible 
  • Be assured that their personal information is kept secure and safe 

Nonprofit organisations require strong marketing and fundraising strategies to deliver these outcomes for donors. While the landscape can look confusing and challenging, attention to the fundamentals of marketing communication will stand nonprofit organisations in good stead to deal with these challenges. Here are some pointers to ensure fundraising success:

  1. Be inquisitive – know your donors, understand who your donors are, how and why they donate and what their donation patterns are 
  2. Be human – address each donor individually in the right channel in the right way and let them dictate their own fundraising journey 
  3. Be engaging – communicate with your donors on an ongoing basis and don’t make it all about fundraising 
  4. Be thankful – thank each donor personally for their individual contributions 
  5. Be transparent – show donors how their personal contributions are creating impact

To deliver these for donors nonprofit organisations must leverage technology and automation. An automated approach allows nonprofits to deliver, track and measure fundraising communication activity.

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