Coffee card? You can do better!

If you have read my other posts, you may notice a recurring theme is that I implore you to make sure that you personalise your marketing messages.

If you have read my other posts, you may notice that a recurring theme is that I implore you to make sure that you personalise your marketing messages.

This is relatively simple if you have lovingly kept your database up to date and are tracking all your customers’ transactions and personal details. But unless you can afford a team of data crunchers (and keep them supplied with coffee) it is highly likely that your database is somewhat lacking. How can you possibly personalise your messages if you don’t have a good list?

I’ve previously mentioned that you can buy a mailing list from one of many organisations such as NZ Post or Data Zoo. But no matter how good their lists are, they will never be as valuable as a list of your own customers. So what do you do?

Simple – take a deep breath and begin the journey. It’s never too late to start capturing customer data.

70% of consumers are willing to share personal preferences to receive more relevant email.

If you can offer your customers some value (and don’t get greedy and seek too much from them), you may find that your customers are happy to give you some personal information that will help you kickstart your customer database. Below are a couple of ideas to consider:

Own a Cafe and still use Coffee cards? you can do better than that!

The ubiquitous coffee card has finally leapt into the 21st century with the advent of The Goody Card: a phone app that replaces stores’ loyalty cards. Instead of filling their wallets with tatty coffee cards, your customers load the Goody Card app on their phone. With every coffee purchase, you scan a QR code on their app and Bob’s your uncle – they get an occasional free cup of coffee without having to carry a card with them – you get their purchase history and the ability to send customised emails that are relevant to the recipient. It’s a win-win situation.

Trades People – trust me, QR codes can work for everyone.

Are you a plumber and want to build a loyal following of customers? How about sending the occasional email, text or card to people in your area? But to do this, you need their contact details. One suggestion is to put a QR code on your van, invoices, signs etc, offering a 10% discount on your standard hourly rate. To register for this offer, all someone needs to do is scan the code and enter their name, address and email into a simple form accessed through their phone. Again – win-win. They get a discount and you get the chance to have a loyal customer.

These are two simple ideas that don’t require a lot of work or expense. You know your business and your customers. It should not be too difficult to come up with an idea that suits your business. If you are lacking in ideas jump onto your computer and see what others are doing.

Once you start your database you need to keep working on it. Constantly add new people, update details and generally keep it fresh and clean. If you wait to do a spring clean once a year, you may find that your list quickly becomes stale and ineffective.