Case Study – Helping Dementia Wellington drive donation revenues

Perception Group helps Dementia Wellington increase their donations by 14% through a personalised cross-media campaign.

The Challenge

Dementia Wellington is a not-for-profit organisation that supports people affected by dementia in the Wellington Region, along with their family and friends. It also offers education on brain health and the effects of dementia to community groups, businesses and the wider public.

A large portion of Dementia Wellington’s funding is raised through donations and public appeals. To support this, Dementia Wellington posts quarterly newsletters containing donation requests to previous donors.

Dementia Wellington wanted to bolster their donation efforts from traditional marketing strategies by adding a new element to their campaign. However, they also needed to ensure that any changes to the campaign were cost effective as well as maximising returns. Additionally, they wanted to track true results, which is something they struggled to do in the past with their standard methods.

How we solved it

Perception Group partnered with Dementia Wellington to create, build and execute a multi-channel campaign to increase the number of donations received, increase the average amount of donations received and increase campaign return on investment. The campaign was a multi-channel communications campaign with e-mails, Personalised URL (PURL) landing pages, a payment gateway and personalised, printed direct mailers.

The campaign had two elements: one group of donors received the traditional direct mailer. For the second group, a personalised, targeted email was sent with a message that directed respondents to a Personalised URL (PURL) that displayed personalised copy and imagery.

The results

The number of donations received from people who were recipients of the digital campaign was 14% higher than for a traditional direct mail campaign. Additionally, the average donation value per donor was 48% higher.

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